Networking Guide

On arrival:

  • You will be given a name badge with a yellow or blue sticker along with a delegate pack containing a Big Breakfast Scoreboard
  • You can then enjoy some open networking while you are enjoying your buffet breakfast as the speed networking begins at approximately 7:30am
  • Those with yellow stickers will remain in the same seat for the duration of the speed networking period
  • Those with a blue sticker will rotate around the room
  • Each table is numbered so the rotation will work in numerical order
  • At the start, those with a yellow sticker will sit down first and then those with blue stickers will be asked to fill in the remaining seats

How do the meetings work?

  • Each meeting is 4 minutes long
  • This will begin as soon as everyone is in their seats
  • After the 4 minutes is over a bell will sound and those with a blue sticker will move to the next table
  • Remember to complete your Big Breakfast scoreboard before moving on.

What happens after?

  • The speed networking is due to finish at 9:30am and you will then be able to continue with informal networking and / or look around IKEA

Top Networking Tips

As you only have 4 minutes to work out whether the person you’re talking to is a potential new customer, supplier or partner you must make sure you use your time effectively. The best way to do this is to follow these easy steps:

Plan your pitch thoroughly before the event

– Make sure you have plenty of business cards
– Allocate yourself 30 seconds to talk about your business and the same amount for your new contact
– Then one minute to discuss possible opportunities with your new contact
– Then use the last minute to complete your Big Breakfast Dashboard

Listen carefully to your new contact

– Keep an open mind, the opportunity may not be initially obvious
– Ask questions
– Make notes to refer back to
– Don’t forget, they may not be able to help you directly, but you may be able to refer business to them and vice versa

Follow up Contacts

– If you find an opportunity to work with someone follow them up quickly after the event

Don’t forget everyone is networking and you don’t want them to forget you

Enjoy Yourself!